суббота, 10 ноября 2012 г.

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  1. 10th of August
    Welcome to Pryozersk!

    We got back from our trip in St Petersburg's area today. It took us about eight hours to go home but we are not tired we are very happy about our trip to Pryozersk!

    My dad, my mom and I (but not my brother) went for a month. We sat on the train "St Petersburg-Sortavala" and after two hours we were in Pryozersk. We went for many tours in St Petersburg's area and we found out many wonderful facts. We saw the Valaam!

    There I made friends with one nice girl, called Paulina. She was seven. We talked about our lives and we watch TV together.

    I also was in Viborg and I took some beautiful photos of St Petersburg's area. It was a nice trip. There are some of my photos. http://olga2014com.jimdo.com/